• These are a customer favorite! These are great because they double as a pacifier clip, just take off the cookie and attach a pacifier! SCORE! *

    Buckeye Cookie Teether & Paci Clip

    • -At Hank and Co we believe that our products are a necessity for anyone who may be experiencing oral troubles. Wether that be teething, fixations, etc. 

      -Our products are verstile, stylish, and best of all affordable! SCORE!

      - Easy to attach pacifier clips to clothes, carseats, or toys. 

      - All of our products are lightweight.

      - Our products can be put into the freezer or refridgerator for added comfort, for when gums are feeling extra achy. 

      - Easy to clean!- Hand Wash with light soap and water or top rack dishwasher safe! NICE!


      Silicone Beads: All of the silicone products that we carry have been tested by a third party-testing facility and unless otherwise indicated, have been shown to be: •BPA free •FDA approved, food grade silicone •Odorless and Tasteless •Lead Free •Cadmium Free •Phthalates Free •Mercury Free •In compliance with FDA, AS/NZS ISO 8124, CPSIA, ASTM F963, EN71 and CE. 


      Wooden Rings and Elephants: Our natural wooden teethers come UNTREATED and can be left as such or, you can choose to treat them yourself with your favorite choice of natural oils, such as; olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. Treating the teethers with an oil product will seal and protect the wood to help keep it from splintering or cracking, and in turn, preserving the wood and extending the life of your products.





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